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Friday, January 7, 2011

Is sushi scary?

I have to tell you I have ALWAYS wanted to make sushi.
I have never had the guts to do it. When I was posting about Japan when I started my blog was a great time to try. Yes I know that was long ago. But here was my endeavour with sushi making.
There are so many recipes online for sushi rice.
Most contain rice wine vinegar and sugar.
Cook up your rice as directed on instructions and mix the sugar vinegar mixture into the rice.
Grocers sell sushi rice,(check out the Asian food section of your supermarket)
 this is one of those things you do not want to use minute rice for.
I have read it will not be sticky enough to roll.

 Nori, I have had these packs for some time waiting for this special day.
Here are 2 different kinds.
basically this is a thin sheet of dried seaweed.

 You will also need a sushi rolling mat to make the life of a sushi roller a little easier.
 When I started I put WAY too much rice, so a thin layer is good remember you must roll it.
stack ingredients in the middle, I used crab, cream cheese, shredded cucumber, and avocado.

 Now roll, very carefully, pulling the sushi mat toward yourself and squishing just a little as you roll.
Here you see too much rice and a little bit on the insides squishing out.
Hey, I never claimed to be a professional!

 Voila! end roll!
I did read it is easier to use plastic wrap to cover your sushi mat so the stray rice does not stick to the mat.
I did find this helpful, about halfway through this sushi making fun.

Now slice those suckers up and drizzle some Spicy Mayo on them.

I do have to say I would do it again. It was good, but I will see if I can buy some real sushi sauce for the rolls or at least get the right ingredients to make it next time.
 (Spicy mayo just isn't the same with chili powder... Hey the recipe is just a guide book right not the written rule? Cooking is an art form not a science? Yes there are those of you out there, you think I might just be struck down by lightning for deviating from a recipe. ~smiles Mom! ~smiles I am still alive, just wouldn't try the spicy mayo without the right ingredients again. ~smiles)
I would love to hear if you have ever tried to make sushi, or if you ever would try.

Written by Cindy Fragozo, Your Travel Specialist at 3D TravelCompany.

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  1. I am so with Mom :)!! I totally admire your adventurous spirit though!
    Love ya, annselma