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Sunday, March 6, 2011

SNS Benches

Funky Junk has a "Saturday Night Special" Link up and I am going to try to do this at least a few times a month. We will see how good I am with keeping up!

I was too excited when Donna at Funky Junk announced that this Saturday nt. Special would be benches. On Saturday my husband was banished from cleaning the house and he went to the garage and came back up a very short bit later with this! 

I knew I was going to be able to link to the party! I was so excited.
Here is a picture taken from my phone, Sorry I did not run upstairs to grab the good camera. Look who built most of this! My 12 year old son. (who also has an aversion to cleaning.)
We started (I say we, I really mean my husband, hey at least I am giving him the credit! I was up stairs cleaning up with vinegar, he hates vinegar, so he stays where he cannot smell it) it was time for a dark stain.

He took a candle and rubbed the edges and places that would be most distressed.
Next to decide on a color. My first choice was mint green, because there is a can in the garage that has never been touched, it was $5 a mess up can of paint, surely I could find something to paint mint green...
I asked for mint green, he picked up the bright turquoise and started painting. So bright turquoise it was.

I think he actually dry brushed it on, not slathering it with paint, just a light coat, with a few streaks.
Next to sand that baby!  When sanded the paint on top of the wax on the edges will just come right off showing the stain underneath.
Isn't she a beauty?
I love her, all though I might need to dry brush a little of that mint green on there just to say I was able to use it for something.
What color would you have painted your bench?
Now that's shop class!
I am thinking the boys need another shop class very soon!
What should they build next?

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