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Thursday, January 6, 2011

School is out and the kids are running wild!

I have to admit this was supposed to post on the 15 of December, I apparently saved it as a draft, and therefore found it in my blogger box of unseen blogs. So I say I am sorry, The kids Were out of school then, but hey why not have some silly string fun this weekend!
With the Christmas season here and children not in school, the anticipation of gifts and fun can be hard to contain in their little bodies, why not take a few moments and have some Wild and Crazy Family time! And give the whole family an outlet for all of this energy!

Fast Fun Family time!
Ok so sometimes, maybe a lot of the time we have sparse hours or moments of free time, not full days for what we call “Family time” in our house. We cannot go to the beach, or to a historic site, or an amusement park, or what have you. Those would be like “Mini Family Retreats” and there is not time to get “away” every week. (Not for us at least) So here is an idea, Sometimes it takes others posting simple ideas to get my brain moving in the right direction. This was a mini family moment. Just posting to inspire.
Dollar Tree was where we found the silly string, although their cans are small and run out quickly.
Rules: Not in the Face!
Have Fun Fun Fun!

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