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Monday, January 31, 2011

Uncanny resemblance or Disney design?

Walt Disney World is an amazing place!
The art, the creation, the imagination.
We do not often think of Disney being a  place that  
imitates other things, but a place of innovation.

On my trip to Disney World in December I was reminded of this.

My family took a trip to Yellowstone National Park a few years back, we had lunch in a decent sit down restaurant. We were able to watch bison graze outside of the window as we ate.
And see Old Faithful and walk through the Lodge.
(Disney's Wilderness Lodge and Villas was inspired by the National Park Lodges built in the 1900's)

I thought nothing of this restaurant until I saw this in December.
Here is Disney's version.

I put one foot in this room and I knew where I was!
I was at Yellowstone again!
I got all goose bumpy and freaked out a little bit!
The feel of this room has been amazingly recreated bring the feeling of Yellowstone National Park. 

The ceilings at Disney are high and have beautiful murals that bring the beauty of Yellowstone to the room. Look closely and see if you can find hidden Mickeys. (there are more than 1) 

Here is Disney's "Fire Rock Geyser"
 from the Artists Point outside dining area that erupts about every hour.
Disney Does an amazing job of bringing back those feelings, those memories created in another place,
 like Yellowstone, Again I must say Disney World is truly amazing!

If you would like to dine in Disney's fine dining Artist Point it is on the
Disney Dining Plan as 2 Table Service dining credits.
(Definitely an improvement on the original restaurant we ate at in Yellowstone)

 Or if you would like to visit the real deal Adventures by Disney has an Adventure "Quest for the West"
that visits Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

I would be happy to help you book any of these Disney destinations,
make memories to remember for years to come 

Written by Cindy Fragozo your Travel Specialist at 3D Travel Company 

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  1. What an awesome post! I love how you had pictures of the 2 restaurants. We have never been to Yellowstone, but we have eaten at Artist Point. Makes me want to go to Yellowstone even more now!!