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Friday, February 11, 2011

Compare and contrast!

So there are just a few blogs that I really enjoy during my free time so much I would want to bring their decorating style into my own home. Here is one of those things I love...
from Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.
check her out here!
When I first saw these stair I fell in LOVE!
I knew I wanted to re crate (get it? crate stairs?)  them here...

But then I figured the owners of the house might not be as in love with this as I was.
So that was a No Go. sad day!
So still loving this style I was determined to paint something.
 Inside I went to look for an old canvas of some sort. I found My dining table! Why not?
My hubby had built this amazing counter height dining table from plans at I loved this idea of making something old looking.
It was a table made of all new 2X4's. We had been using it for quite a while so there was cereal crusted to the side of my now 6 year olds place. Yes it may be kinda gross, but have you tried to scrape crusty krispys off of a new 2X4? Not easy I tell you, besides it adds character right?

 I was thinking at the rate of cereal distressing it might take a while to distress it to the destressedness I wanted... So I waited to try to figure out just how to do this... Along came Donna and her beautiful stairs (Donna Do Not Ever cover those beauties up with anything fuzzy again... well I suppose the cats can nap there, but nothing more!) So I looked for logo inspiration, Think Texas.
 I grabbed the good ole overhead projector, blasting from my past in the days in High school when I knew better than the teacher how to move that darn transparency around on the bright box.
 ( I apparently have lost that knack ~sad)

I grabbed a razor and some acrylic craft paint, and off I went!

After all the logos were traced, and I used the razor to trace them so I had lines to follow. (No fancy shmancy cutter here, well not that I used I do have a cricket, only used once... I know!)
I took a few of my hubbys tools he just got to scrape rust off of his Jeep, apparently rust just isn't as pretty when you have to drive it around town, sorry Donna.

So I scraped the paint up to make it look worn. then we washed with brown paint water wash, and rubbed off. I had a little help with this step.
I mixed water with brown paint and brushed the table. (the stain I have is a deep mahogany, and reminds me of the look of a cabin on a small little houseboat) I painted the white of the Dr Pepper logo first and painted the brown wash over it! it sooo worked! Awesome look now for the rest of the table, Here it is...

I LOVE IT!!!! What do you think? No crate stairs, but a crate table How awesome is that?
I think it is a darn good replication, don't you?
I am entering this in FJI copy me challenge...
check it out here!


  1. I seen your over at FJI and I really enjoyed this. Great job.

  2. I am so jealous of your table. This looks AMAZING. Great job!!

  3. that is an awesome idea and you can take it with you....Mel's Cabin is in the Copy Me contest too.

  4. How cool! I really like your table... great job


  5. Congrats on being in the top five of the copy me challenge! How exciting you did a great job as I have already said but hey it doesn't hurt to say it again.


  6. This entry was positively wild, Cindy! You make me want to get out the paints again and tackle my outdoor steps. Maybe I will! :)

    I honestly love how you created such a unique crate style table. And how cool you can always take it with you. Fabulous entry! Congrats for being in the top 5!


  7. love this crate cool to do a table (pinic tb) outside and so many options you could go with.

  8. This weekend I bought an old science room table for 5 dollars! I am going to add some planks to the top and after seeing this....well, I'm gonna do some signs too! Thanks for the inspiration....good for you for being in Donna's top 5!

  9. It turned out great. I love all the signs.

  10. Oh Cindy, this is so cool! No wonder Donna loved it! Congrats on making the Copy Me! top five!