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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Outdoors inside?

I know it does sound a little backwards.
Sorry, no plants here...

I thought I would show you how a small closet like room was transformed with a few rusty rails,
 (and a few broken skateboards are coming soon.)

What is cool for a teenager?
Now that is an interesting question.
We have many teens that skate at our church and this was a storage closet at one point,
 why not jazz it up and make it a fun cafe-like place to hang out.
here is what we did.

Painted it Black, yes, black. It is just paint Don't be afraid! If you don't like it... repaint it!
Added the name of the new cafe in graffiti. How cool is graffiti, it shouldn't be anywhere, but it is usually found outside.

Then we hung some small rails on the walls and are currently waiting to collect broken skateboards to hang up too. the cones are also a part of the decor, as well as the mini/ fingerboard ramp below the microwave.

The kids love the new room and hangout here often.
How is that for bringing in the outside!

How will you decorate your teens room??

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