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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A peek into Rix Lounge

Today I want to share with you an adults haven.
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort boasts an amazing conference center.
With a conference center as a feature of this resort there may be business men and women found here often. Disney has got everyone covered, there are fun beautiful places for everyone to "chill" don't you worry!
I know many people say "Adults don't go to Disney World" Let me tell you YES they do!
and there are places like this that many might not even notice sprinkled through out the "World."

 This is Rix Lounge, Located at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.
I got to take a peek inside on my last trip.

This place is AMAZING!
I love the decor,
The high ceilings,
The color combinations!

Now look closely...
The benches in this seating area appear to be hanging from a chain attached to the celling!
Brilliant! I love it!
This is another seating area very Modern Chic.

 Tell me wouldn't this be a wonderful "hip" place to chill out after a long day of meetings?
Or a long day at the parks?

Adults CAN enjoy the magic Disney to!

Written by Cindy Fragozo, Your Travel Specialist at 3D TravelCompany.

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