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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baskets full of love and sugar!

Baskets full of love... and sugar!!

So here is the little girls basket, it was the smallest, because she is the smallest.
The big boy got a large basket, and the middle boy got a medium sized basket. they were all chock full of goodies despite their sizes! they had movies, and Wii games too, and lots of monochromatic sugar!

Girly basket actually was themed off of one TAC stamp set. It has a monkey, chick, pig, and I think a horse, I didn't use the horse for this project though.

Lots of large lollipops!
Of course all matchy matchy,
and themed!!

Basket fun!

Middle basket... Green, with a frog theme
I used any and all frog stamps I could find in my stamp room.
I actually had to take the crown off of the one right in the front, since it was for my son, I didn't really want it to be a frog prince.
Here is a pic of some of all 3 baskets they all had their own color, and theme!
This was packets of gum and twizzlers I separated for each of the colors, and re packaged.

More frogs!!!

Here are some of my oldest sons ORANGE basket!
BE was his theme!
I loved the body wash, that says Bebubbly!!!

Here are the famous Peeps, All dressed up and themed!

Stampy things=happy children!

Ok so here are the BEST Easter baskets my kids have EVER gotten!!
Yes they took a little longer to make, it was fun!
They LOVED them!
I have to admit I got the idea from the marketing techniques at my local Walmart.
EVERYTHING in the isle was color coordinated!
I got inspired, and this is what happened!

What did your Easter baskets look like this year?

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  1. You win the most creative Easter Baskets award... hands down! :)