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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A day of cupcake charm

I have been working on a crafty project for a small cupcake party, here is what I started with.

I used StazOn black ink pad to stamp onto the #6 plastic container.
You can see the #6 inside the triangle.

Coloring them up with a little Sharpie love.
(It is easier to color the side that you did not stamp, just to make sure that black doesn't smear)
It doesn't have to be perfect either, this will shrink and the light pink will turn darker with the saturation of color in such a small place.
Now after shooting my shrink ray (heat gun) at the cupcakes I got a cute little cupcake charm.
I love my little cupcakes what do you think?
What a cute decoration for my little cupcake party?

I am party hopping at these link partys, come join me!


  1. I like the cupcakes! I found your blog again after getting on my old computer's vine feed. Good deal!


  2. I am loving the cupcake charm! I had never thought of using a shrink ray like that! I am in trouble now because I will have to watch for #6 plastic containers!

  3. These are SO STINKIN CUTE!!!! I am so excited about our cupcake party! You are awesome.


  4. Hey I am following from the Bee Friendly Friday Hop! I just love the name of your blog! I love Tinkerbell~she's my fave!

    Great ideas with the cupcake charms! Shrinky dinks are so much fun!

  5. I love cupcake art and this is adorable! That charm is so fun!
    Stopping by from It's a Hodge Podge Life - glad you shared :)