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Friday, July 22, 2011

Reflections of the last year

I know, it is not December, the time to look back and reflect on the past year yet. But I am looking back and reflecting. I don't do this often here on my blog, but there have been so many changes in the past few months, which my poor little family is so used to changes it hardly phases us.  I was browsing photos of the past year, and how different my life looks now than it did even 2 months ago. Let me share a little.

Caring for teen moms in South Texas in our area.

Things change again, and we had 10 children in our care.
Now we are returning to the place we call home.
2 parents and 2 children.
We have learned so much in the last year.
Live outside of your box, stretch yourself, don't always take the comfortable road.
Learning is exciting, not always easy and not always fun.
There have been many little lives, and not so little lives that we have influenced and learned from.
That were not easy to leave.
There are times when it is time to leave, it doesn't make it any easier.
There are people around you every day, each one with a story, each one with feelings, each one needing something.
We are who we are from our experiences.
I reflect on my last year, looking ahead wondering what is next, knowing I have a little more courage than I did a year ago to reach out to others in a way I didn't know I could.
I have a passion for teen moms, and have many dreams.
 Where will this take me?
I have no clue, I do know that the next year of my life will stretch me
and bring me pain and joy, and I will learn much.
I am making a promise to step outside my box in the next year and reach out to those around me.
To make a difference in the lives of others.
Back to the land of bluebonnets, bluebonnets I cried to leave when we left 5 years ago.
Back to the same house, yet we are different people in how we think and react to our surroundings.
 I am looking forward to the next chapter.
Thank you for humoring me in my reflection.
May you have an amazingly blessed day.

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