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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Few of my Fav. snacks

Ok in Epcot is where we did most of our snack research, in the World Showcase there are many places to stop for a snack, I covered most of them, and these are my favorites!

This is the bakery in France
There are so many selections here that are only one snack credit, It is a hard choice to make.

 We chose an apple turnover, Napoleon,Croissant, and an eclair.
 The Napoleon & Ham and cheese Croissant were the best!

Now Germany:
 This was the pretzel and the black forest cake.  Go for the pretzel!

Norway... This place is talked up lots.
they also have many snack credit items again hard to choose.

 On the left below is the school bread. this is definitely a must have for my next trip.
In fact on my list I think it ranks a #1 it is topped with coconut.

 Ok on to another park, this is the Bakery on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom

 Ok there are lots of goodies, LOTS! but look to the right on that square plate. This is the cinnamon roll people talk about, we tried 4 things in all from here, and hands down the cinn. roll was the BEST. And as if it wasn't gooey and sweet enough they scoop extra goo from the plate to top the roll for extra sweet goodness.

 Ok so here is a great one! but definitely something to be shared!
This was later in the day, but at the same bakery, (we did see a couple order one for breakfast)
a giant Ice Cream cookie sandwich!!
 Please pardon the sideways picture, and my hubby with glow sticks in his hat. (I figured it was a perspective of how huge they are!) and no he didn't share, someone dared him to eat the whole darn thing... so next time I will get one to share with the kids, because I share. :)

All of these snacks are fabulous and for just one snack credit!
I did not find anything fabulous at Hollywood Studios, but do hear they have great Yogurt shakes there by the tower of terror.
And this year we did not make it to Animal Kingdom, so I do not have any great snacks to report on there.
of course there is the classic mickey Ice cream pop, which even we didn't get, because we were always so stuffed from all the other snack investigating we were doing :)
Hope you enjoy your snacks!
these were my top snacks, and I think they are all a great value at more than $2 each.
have a fabulous trip!


  1. Awesome snack choices! Can't wait to try out a few of these for our next trip!!

  2. We are going for 13 nights. There are 4 people in my family. This means we get 52 snacks next year. That pretzel and homemade ice cream sandwich will be on the list. FOR SURE. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!