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Friday, October 1, 2010

My new Blog is here!

I am so excited! I have created this new blog as a way to keep my clients in the loop with what is going on at Disney, and how to bring the magic of Disney into your everyday life. I will feature DIY crafts, home decor, food mmmmmm food, I will even get hair and make-up advise from some of my "local experts", and lets not forget what is happening at Disney Parks, and information on cruising, as well as Giveaways! sounds great doesn't it! I am so excited to launch this magazine-like blog with information on almost everything. Yes, I even have a few posts on bathrooms at WDW. I want to help you bring the fantasy of Disney to you when you are at home, Let The Pixie Trail of magic follow you home. I would love to help you take a fantastically Pixie Dusted trip to Disney too. Click here for your Free No Obligation Quote.
Cindy Fragozo

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