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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mrs.Dr. Evil Mad Scientist gets crafty in the kitchen

So there she is Mrs. Dr. Evil Mad Scientist,
She is getting crafty in the kitchen,
 Here is what she created.
She has her "Evil eyes" watching you while you eat.
"Watching, Always Watching"
(these are the plates)

And a closer look at the goodie bar.

 Elf toenails anyone?
(just pepitas, or pumpkin seeds baked and shelled)
looks good hu?

Troll Boogers?
(really just dried fruit)

 So these you cannot eat, but they look so cool!
guess what they are...
 Peeled and carved apples floating in vinegar.
I LOVE the way they look don't you?

Slug Juice, & Dried bat brains also adorned the goodie bar.
what would you try?
speak up! If you dare!
Come back tomorrow to see what treats
Dr.Evil Mad Scientist has to serve up next

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