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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Disney does things... well dramatic, everything is very well themed.
Part of bringing home the magic is bringing home a theme.
Pick something... anything... and theme away!

So since this Sunday is Halloween I thought I would share with you a week of  "Daily Dusting" Don't worry, Daily Dusting is how I bring a little bit of that Pixie Dust home to my house!
Anyone who knows me knows that dusting soo isn't my thing!
Here are the evillll Mad Scientists that are going to be posting daily this week to show you their yucky,disgustingly spooky dinner party.
Just a sneak peek at some biohazard snacks...
(just chocolate pumpkin Kisses)
And the goodie bar... Eat only IF you dare.
Candy Corn pudding to sweeten those taste buds,
and prepare them for the spooky meal to come.
(besides why not have pudding for an appetiser? It's Halloween!)
Come back tomorrow to see what else is served up for our Mad Scientist dinner!
It will be good!

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