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Friday, October 29, 2010


So Dr. & Mrs.Evil Mad Scientist have had a grand time this week serving up dinner,
and here is the main dish...
Rats, served with bloody worms,and crusty buttered bones!
Look at that realistic looking finger
(just a vienna sausage with a slice of almond)
but it looks OH SO COOL!
 Well we did have to catch them before we cooked them up here is how we did it.

Now these were not just any rats, but here is a picture of the rat insides!
I so loved this part!
Now as if there were not enough sweets already, we served up some sweet delights for dessert.
This here is a tray of "magic rocks" to be
sprinkled onto the icecream, If you dare!
Watch out they may "POP"
 Here are the original Brownie Bites,
 served with eyeball Icecream!
 And a little take home treat to enjoy later,
Don't forget to ask your Mummy if you can have one!
 So through the meal I did get some odd faces, many apprehensive eaters, but In the end the Pirate family that had prepared to plunder the party all walked away with smiles.
"Can we do it again next year?"

What was your favorite part of the meal?
Would you eat it?
What wouldn't you eat?
What will you try at your house?

I love the theming of a meal.
what else could you theme?
what is your favorite part of Disney World? (What is the theme there?)

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  1. OMG - how fun. I love all the food, a bit grossed out by some of it but I love it!!