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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Angel Company Blog Hop

So here is my fall card for the Angel Company Blog Hop going on Saturday Oct. 30
Hope you Enjoy it!
After a long fight with Blogger and trying to add this image here you have it.
I will hopefully be back Monday to post more crafts as I "tinker around"
Wow today is not my day with the computer, I had a fight with Mr Linky too! I so need to get back to crafting to ease my nerves, I am calling it a day with this old computer!
~Cindy Fragozo

(Ahhhh I have figured it out!!! Blogger and IE9 are NOT friends!!!
I have no clue what I was thinking when I installed IE9,
I am not a computer queen, why would I do this? well Hopefully I will be back to the norm Monday! Goodnight for now.
And NO more IE9 for me!
                                                           thank goodness for a fabulous husband who was able to uninstall!!!)
~until next time!


  1. What a lovely use of texture! Very pretty!

  2. Great card--I feel your pain--computers and me don't see eye to eye at times!

  3. Hey there YOU! You are so funny! I love your card and I can't believe all the steps involved. WOW! Truly amazing card! Remember--just say NO to IE9. Red Hot hugs to ya!

  4. Cute card!
    BTW, try Mozilla Firefox. I've had no issues with blogger using it. Just a thought.

  5. Great card, Love all the embossing! I gave up on IE and switched to Google Chrome and like it.

  6. great card ... love all of the details!

  7. Love all the texture on this card!

  8. Great card. I love the embossing. I'll have to watch out for that one.

  9. I always have issues doing these too. Your card is great, I love all the textures and the sketch.