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Friday, November 5, 2010

Shrimp Carbonara

Ok so here is another Disney recipe I tried at home.
We loved it !
let me know if you will be trying this one too!

Why you ask am I stuck on food lately, well I thought about it, and well food is something we all need right? and we can enjoy if we let ourselves. Sometimes when we go to Disney World food gets put in the need category. But it does not have to!  I am one who will choose the least expensive thing on the menu because I know my gang like the "surf & turf" so to speak, usually the most pricey thing on the menu.
So through out the whole meal I cringe as I wait for the bill. (this is everywhere, we could be at the local wing place, or even Mc.Donald's with an $8 meal "deal" ~smiles) When we are able to go to Disney with the dining plan we have already paid for our meals, (there are some times of year they offer this plan free or with a small fee to upgrade to the dining plan) I get to have the Surf & Turf too, and I certainly do not feel bad about it, or the bill that is to come either. With the dining plan they may bring you a bill, but you can hand them your "key to the world" and then you get a  total $0.00 how fabulous it that?
All of this to say that I was very inspired by the food that we ate on our last trip. I wanted to bring some of these magical dishes home!
This one is Shrimp Carbonara.
You may try Disney's Shrimp Carbonara at Mama Melrose  in Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Here is my recipe.

1 Cup chopped uncooked bacon
1 small onion chopped
1 1/2 pounds shrimp  (I used about 2 1/2 pounds and it was fabulous!)
fresh ground pepper
2/3 Cup Whipping/ heavy cream
2 Cups grated Romano, Parmesan, or Regiano cheese
1/4 Cup butter
4 eggs
1 1/2 pounds cooked pasta (I used spaghetti, it is what I had on hand)

I got a 5 pound bag of shrimp fresh, and frozen on the boat ~Smiles
 there are a few bonous' to living by the sea.
So I spent an hour or so peeling them.

Ok some of those shrimp should be called giants not shrimp.
Now that I have the shrimp peeled I need to toss in the bacon chunks.
(I use bacon and cut it up into pieces while it is frozen)
after that has cooked for a minute I add the butter, and when it is melted I added the onions to saute.
As you can see here I took the freedom to add some fresh mushrooms.
(sorry, to all you out there who are very analytical, I am very artistic in my food preparation, and sometimes take the opportunity to throw in a little pizazz to my recipes, in other words, I cannot follow any recipe exactly, that is why I am sharing mine ~Smiles)

Like I said I had spaghetti on hand so I boiled it up here it is drained waiting on that delicious sauce

Ok so now we add the shrimp for a minute or two, not too long,
you don't want them to be over cooked and chewy!
then add the cream and eggs (whisk them together then add)
 here is where I grind in a bit of pepper

and add in the glorious cheese!

Doesn't this look fabulous?
You can see the steam and the bubbles!

& Toss in the pasta!
Time to plate it up. I like to make a not so "hidden Mickey" out of  the shrimp, add a fresh basil sprig, and there you have the magical Shrimp carbonara, and lets just say, we will have this again very soon!

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