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Monday, November 8, 2010

Magical Memory Monday

So after a long day in Disney's Hollywood Studios park. We apparently had lots of energy to burn, maybe it was the sugar rush from the ice cream we got on the way out?
There was no sleeping on the way back to our home for the week at Coronado Springs Resort, in fact this little one was striking up conversations with everyone around her.
Doesn't this little face say fun?

earlier that day there was a bit of inspiration that led to the action packed evening.
Most of us think "wow lets go back to our resort room so our little heads can hit the pillow, and be ready for a full day again tomorrow."
This little girl had a different idea.
Can you guess what is was?

Now we Had been at Disney's Hollywood Studios earlier that day.
Dad had to get a very special wool hat.
We saw a very special action packed show.
Boulders, fire balls, swinging from ropes, and audience participation.
(yes you know the show)

Well it is a good thing that we weren't allowed fireballs in the room!
because we had a reenactment of all the jumping and tumbling from the show!

With Daddy's Hat and belt (her whip)

And of course her sidekick Mickey
she let all that Ice cream energy out!

Flying through the air and jumping from"snakes"

It was definitely a fun way to end a great magical day!
If you would like to stay at Disney's
Coronado Springs, and venture into the "Mayan ruins"
on your next Disney Vacation?
(the slide at the pool is so fun!) 

I would Love to help you.
Click on my profile picture with Mickey for your Free quote today!
Let me help you plan your Magical vacation!

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