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Friday, November 12, 2010

Yakitori House

We are back in the Japan Pavilion today to see what is offered as a quick service meal.

This is the Yakitori House in Japan.
A great place to stop for a meal.

This is what I got
it was a sushi combo meal with sushi,
Ginger cheesecake, and a drink

 There is inside dining, we chose to eat outside during the drum show.
This show is super amazing to watch. There is so much energy and jumping around, and drumming, you really need to see it!

and amazingly will pop back in your head at the most random times.
I was drumming on my kitchen counters about a week ago. ~Smiles

Let me book your trip to Disney!
You too can come home and have an impromptu drum show in your kitchen with family looking on as if you were crazy!
It was that good!

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