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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The perfect pearl tradition

It was not until out 2008 trip to Epcot that we really looked inside the countries in the World Showcase.
There is so much there!
Here is one of our favorite spots!
Look what we found in Japan
 There is a large tank of clams.
I know it sounds odd right?
You can pay fro a clam.
you will get a number.
Pick exactly which clam is calling your name.
then they call your number, you turn your number in and you show the nice lady which clam you want.

 She will be sure to get your specified clam with a smile.

And, well you know this is Disney so there is a fun count down to the grand opening.

 There is even a song and drum beating for special finds.

 This pearl was a pinkish color

 How proud this little princess is of her new pearl.
I love this because it is a forever thing.
You can even get your pearl put into a necklace or ring or even earrings

(This was our 2008 necklace)
What a great tradition!
Would you like a pearl from the Japan pavilion in the World Showcase?
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  1. I didn't know they had that! That's so fun! What a great souvenir :)

  2. Amazing! We need to spend more time in Japan next time!

  3. The song and drum beating is always a lot of fun to watch, not to mention having a special keepsake to take with you!