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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chewing the days away until Christmas!

Christmas is Fast approaching!
 Wooah It always sneaks up on me!
I am going to be posting different craft projects, and activities that I am making in preparation for this festive day. Small gifts and crafts to make with my children for others, and some to be given to my children in their stockings right next to the lumps of coal!

No I am not that mean. No coal, but some days coal sounds so good!

I am going to start with an countdown calendar. And well I guess I would call it a countdown activity. There is no real meaning to it, just fun. My children are always asking for gum.  ALWAYS!  I saw  this idea a few weeks ago, I believe it was on the Angel Company Christmas Blog Hop. There is one piece of gum for each day until Christmas! What a fabulous idea. (Well that is of course if your children know where the gum goes when they are done chewing it)  ~Smiles

Here are a few pictures of how I put these together.

So this is a pretty simple project and there's not too much stuff required.
a bag to put the gum in
Paper/ card stock
Stamps/ print outs/ patterned paper to decorate
(I put the opening to the gum bags on the bottom so the cute top wouldn't be ripped off.
I also did not staple the topper (which is just paper folded over to fit the top of the bag) because loose staples being accidentally ingested would not be a good thing. (can never be too careful!) 
Now this would work superbly for a countdown of days  before a trip to Disney, or why not give it to the kids when you get to Disney World so they can keep track of how many days of magical parks they have left on their trip.
  Happy crafting!
I'll be back Friday with an awesome treat for any time of year,
not just Christmas!

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  1. Too cute! But, um, how come I didn't get this update until the end of the day. Kidding! Love ya, Annselma