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Monday, November 29, 2010

Actually we haven't been kicked out yet!


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After one of my Husband's goofy posts this last week on Faceboook I had a friend comment
"You guys are the kind of people that get kicked out of a lot of places aren't you?"
(Notice she said "you guys" not Yall, nope shes not from TX!)
So he convinced my Sister in-Law to get in the trunk of her new car, to see if the child lock release thing worked...
Well it did, and all is well, she is no longer in her trunk.
As I was looking at my Disney Pictures I found these pictures.
I thought they went well with the quote above.

No we did not get kicked out.
And a battle of good and evil ensued right there in the store in Downtown Disney.

 Ok, so maybe it was a battle of good, and good.
(green & blue)
Practice young Padawan, Practice!

There is a build your own Light saber buffet (as I would call it)
there are pieces and parts, to put together and build your
own weapon to defend good (or evil if you like)
Dad was a little slow at building his, and the attack began. 
I wonder if they knew people like mine would have an
all out light saber war n the store when they put this in?

We definitely created a magic moment!

"Stay tuned" Next Magical Memory Monday...
you will see how this practice pays off in a Big way when we run into the Ultimate evil...

Written by Cindy Fragozo, Your Disney travel specialist at 3D TravelCompany.

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  1. LOVE IT!! Tyler built his own lightsaber while he was there in 2008, then came home and disassembled it to add to the lightsabers we already own. Can't wait to see what the boy get into next year!