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Monday, February 21, 2011

The cookie that ate Daddy..

Ok, well maybe it is the cookie Daddy ate...
Today my Hubby is remembering his Cookie Sandwich...
I was talking with a new friend about the ice cream sandwiches,
I knew that I wanted one. 
He stated that he had already had one that day, and it was great. 
 So I waited...
I waited all day...
and all afternoon for the perfect ice cream sandwich.
The time when I knew it would be better than any commercial for a fast food hamburger!

(This is Cindy editing here... fast food?
I would've written Blissful chocolate, but that just wasn't masculine enough...well you get it.) 
Then it was here, it was the perfect time to eat the mondo, uber sized ice cream sandwich. 
When it came time to get ready to gather the fam. around the flag pole and watch Wishes at the Magic Kingdom. 

I snuck into the Bakery and used one of my snack credits to redeem my ever so longed for ice cream sandwich. 
 placed it in a to-go box and scurried off to meet the fam. next to the flag pole. 
My friends Wife yelled at him for selfishly eating one of those ice cream sandwiches earlier in the day while he was by himself, and he stated , "I didn't have that one!"
He actually ate the little one that is sold at the ice cream carts for one snack credit. 

 BIG difference.
 All in all, I made everyone totally jealous and everyone wanted to be me for a moment.
See it does pay to have an agent looking out for your best interest even if it is just a snack!

(Yes he gave me one very SMALL bite.)
And then continued some "race against the clock" to finish it in like 2 minutes.
 I will never really understand men when it comes to food. but that was one good sandwich!
The bite I had was wonderful, and will get one to share on my next trip.
As for Daddy...
 Well he may have to get his own again.
And honestly I have no clue what is up with the glow sticks in the hat?
Maybe it is a new fashion statement!

Written by Cindy Fragozo, Your Travel Specialist at 3D TravelCompany.

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