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Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't be afraid Paint it up!

Since I am in the top 5 at funky Junk for my table, I thought I would show you one of my other favorite pieces of furniture.
On Funky Junk's blog she is always saying to Just do it.
 If people tell you that you are crazy, and you love what you have who cares.
I wanted to share one of these pieces with you.
About 6 years ago I was looking for a "china cabinet"
I informed all of my family that they should keep their eyes peeled.
So I was taken to every little thrift shop to view these vintage antique pieces for big bucks.
I knew I wanted to "White Wash" this piece, and did not want to take "Granny Teacups" cabinet that I would'vee paid $500 for. (not to mention I did not have $500 to spend)
No one really understood what my vision was...
Until one day we were driving along and saw a man with a trailer full of "fence post furniture"
It was perfect!

Here is the little china cabinet I got.
It was made of old fence posts!
Pure fabulousness, except it wasn't the color I saw it in my head...
We even explained to the man who made it we were going to "white wash" it in green and purple.

Yes, EVERYONE said I was crazy.

These colors were the colors in  my daughters room at the time.
(We have moved 5 times since that house with the blissfully cute walls that are now a plain old boring light gray. Blek! If I find a pic. of the cute walls, without my cute little daughter taking up most of the picture, 
 I will post them)
So here it is...

 One of my favorite pieces to this very day.
Yes, I purchased it for some crazy amount of $$, 
(it was about $200, but EXACTLY what I wanted)
and I Green & Purple washed it.
According to family and friends I was going to "ruin it."
I Still Love it! to this day!
This is a picture of how it is used today in my Daughters room, with paper covered drawers to help organize a 6 year old girl as much as a 6 year old girl can be "organized."

 I might, being 6 years wiser try to build one of these,
but am still happy with this super "ruined" cabinet that was a great changing table and "grow with me piece."
What have you done in your decor that people thought you were ruining and you love it?
Be creative, don't be put in a box!

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  1. I love this!!! Beautiful. I love going to flea markets, and the like, to find stuff to refurbish. Your site is so cute! Have a good day!