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Friday, May 13, 2011

Oreo Bon Bons in my kitchen!

So here they are,
~the good (tasting)
~the bad, (if I would've made the topping myself)
~and the ugly, before the Bon Bon fashion advisor got to them.

16 oz. heavy cream
6 egg yolks
16 oz. white chocolate
2 T. powdered gelatin placed in 2 oz. cold water
1 dozen Oreo cookies, crumbled
3 dozen Oreo cookies, whole
(I cheated!)
16 oz. dark chocolate
16 oz. heavy cream

for the filling: Melt the chocolate.
Whip the cream until consistency of ice cream.

Place gelatin in cold water. Heat egg yolks until warm;
add chocolate, stirring constantly.
Place the gelatin in microwave until gelatin is dissolved.
Add 1/3 of the heavy cream to the egg yolk and white chocolate mixture
 mix well.
Add a bit of the cream to the heated gelatin and mix well.
Then add both the gelatin and the chocolate mixture to the remaining whipped cream and fold until incorporated.
Smash the cookies used for the filling in any manner you choose...
I chose this.
sprinkle in smashed cookies,
look who decided to show up!
I was so excited!
I hope he will stay for some Bon Bons.
Mix it up really well, no cookie chunks wanted here.

Let mousse set up, around 2 to 4 hours.

At this point I am what you call a "cheater"
can you see why?
Yes I went to DQ and got their shell chocolate dip in a cup.
This was way more than enough.
Can you imagine a 20 oz cup of warm chocolate?

I laid my Oreos out and scooped on the filling, this wasn't working too well, so I filled a baggie with filling and squeezed a dollop on each cookie.
Yes, I know they aren't beautiful.
It just makes me appreciate the beauty, and yummyness of the "real" thing.
I dipped one by one into the pool of warm chocolate coating.
Some lucky Bon Bons got a double dunk to coat.
Don't you wish you were a Bon Bon?
Here is what my daughter decided to do to help in the Bon Bon fashion dept.

Looks a little better.
And the platter full of Bon Bon goodness!

I made a ton of these, the recipe makes alot.
I used the extra filling and lined a pie plate with Oreos, and filled the pie plate with filling and then topped it with a pool of chocolate.

I offered this at a potluck meal and it was gone before Tink could flutter by!
So here is the Chocolate topping recipe that I did not use, I have to say I have NEVER gotten chocolate to harden EVER.
So after the labor intensive filling making and piping I headed to DQ for their magic sauce.
I didn't want to risk a complete messy gooey ending.

Chocolate topping:
melt the dark chocolate into the cream, until combined.  Dip Oreos into chocolate.

This recipe makes 3 dozen of these little pieces of Oreo heaven.

Warning!!!!  Don't try to eat them all, you will be sick if you do. But I have to say all that work was well worth the taste of these, just like Cape May Cafe...
Ahhh I just cannot wait until September when I can have a real Oreo Bon Bon, without all the work.
Do you want to try these wonderful treats at Cape May Cafe, or even in your own kitchen?
Let me know how they are, and what you think of them!
or let me book your trip for you, and you can enjoy them without the work!
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Written by Cindy Fragozo, Your Travel Specialist at 3D TravelCompany.

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