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Monday, May 9, 2011

I dream of food.

Some Dream of Genie...
Some of Mickey
but me?

There is a place I dream fondley of...
A place at Walt Diseny World.
Cape May Cafe to be exact.
Well, the Oreo Bon Bons to be very specific.
look to the left tucked away in the back there.


Here is a close up.

 Oreo goodness topped with what seems to be more oreo stuffing on top!
Who doesnt love the middle of an Oreo?
Think of all the open faced chocolate cookies in the kitchen laying there empty, because someone scraped all the middles out to pile them here on this bon bon.
So maybe that is not how they make them... But it is a silly mental picture!

Here are some other fun things my children enjoyed at Cape May Cafe.

A big plate of Mac & Cheese makes my little one happy.
And yes there is Perry again. with his self portrait, doesn't he look fabulous!

And then my big artist.
He dreams of working for Disney some day.
I have to say he is pretty darn good.
He ate fast so he would have time to draw.

I will be posting my Oreo Bon Bon look-alikes soon.
Check back Friday for fun Food recipes for these devine treats!
The FREE dining plan was just released for 2011 Sept-Aug 24!
click on the picture of me with Mickey and I can get you a free quote!
I can't wait to get back here for some great crab legs and those Bon Bons!
Join me in September!  

Written by Cindy Fragozo, You Travel Secialist at 3D TravelCompany.


  1. I am looking forward to your Oreo Bon Bon look-alikes recipe! They look so yummy!!! I have only been to Cape May Cafe for breakfast, but now it looks like I need to change that!

  2. I found the recipe and will definitely be trying to make these!! YUM! I too have only been to Cape May for breakfast, since we are not clam fans, but this could get me there! :D