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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What a week!

I am so sorry for the long post with lots of words, you know this is so not my style, I just have a few little bits of information to you things I have recently learned.

Let me share a few things i have learned in the last 2 weeks.
Don't eat pine nuts from China, when your 13 year old son is outside blowing bubbles doesn't mean he will stay outside blowing bubbles, he might have a "better idea".
And whoever says you can't poop money hasn't had my daughter!
It was a few weeks ago I purchased a bag of pine nuts from Costco, one of my favorite places to shop, because they really back their products. I made a salad and sprinkled them on. was crunchy goodness, they were not as piny flavored as I remembered, but added that crunch. About a week later every time I ate I had this disgusting bitter taste in the back of my mouth. At first I thought it was an odd after taste from the squash that night at dinner, then I realized it was after everything. So now I started to wonder since my husband had just put out boric acid around the house if I somehow got poisoned. It did not go away, I have to say maybe I watched one too many of those "true life"crime shows where someone gets poisoned. I proceeded to look up bitter taste in mouth, remember this did not even start to happen until at least a week after I ate the nuts. Sure enough there it was there were many sites, blogs and people having done research about pine nuts from China. It took me 2 seconds to leap out of my chair and grab the bag of pine nuts, they were from China. Who knows why this happens but the bitter flavor follows everything you eat symptoms may not appear until a week later, and last from 5-15 days. Wow I have to say it was very annoying knowing a tasty dinner would just taste horrible to me. That was torture.
 I learned something new this week and wanted to share.
Don't eat pine nuts from China!

Now for the new teenager blowing bubbles in the front yard? Well I think he learned to think before he acts. He put down the bubbles and decided he could climb a 6 foot fence with 4 inch spikes at the top into the back yard. (I thought he tried to jump it at first) I guess the thought of being a ninja crossed his mind at that moment. so up on the rolly trash can he went, one leg hovering over the trashcan and well they don't call them rolly trashcans for nothing away it went, and down his hovering leg came, onto a 4 inch spike.
he had the strength to pull himself off the fence and run inside, he was blowing bubbles just a short few minutes earlier. So away we whisked him the the Med. Clinic to have him looked at. He is fine, just a wound that needs time to heal, it hasn't slowed him down much, except it tends to hurt when it is his turn to do the dishes, Imagine that
.Lesson 2. Don't assume because a teenager will think before he acts.

Now for the money, my children were in the car with my husband while I ran into the store for a moment, My daughter decided her mouth would be a good safe place to keep her penny from her brother. So she popped it in her mouth. He then proceeded to make her laugh and well there went the penny.
we worried and worried called Nurses and googled it, Tuesday she swallowed the penny and said penny was found Thursday. Now she is 6 and her parts were able to pass this penny, but there is concern about coins making it through the esophagus. Thank goodness the penny was found, we had a penny finding party, and made her vow she would only put food in her mouth in the future. If your child swallows a penny you should contact a medical professional for their professional advice.
lesson 3. Don't assume that your 6 year old is going to listen when you tell her not to put things in her mouth, sometimes they must learn for themselves.

Wow what a week. I have to say it has been interesting and a week that has just flown by, as you can imagine with our daily mini traumas. I am soo ready to enter a world of magic and fairy tales! Disney take me away! Here we come Walt Disney World! just a few more short days and we will grace you with our presence! I cant wait!

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