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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The little one has a favorite!

My daughter has been blessed to have visited Walt Disney World many times in her 6 year long little life, she has now formed an opinion on her favorite attraction at Walt Disney World.
This is exciting!
She is NOT a lover of coasters, she did not lake Splash Mountain, she said it was too scary.
(I know Michele, you live to ride Splash Mountain, if they could build Splash Mountain in your backyard you would be in heaven,You know they have a show that brings Disney to your back yard ~wink ~wink)
She was 5 when she made this discovery last year, and she cannot wait to get on Test Track again.
She ' loves that she can drive'
Test Track is her absolute favorite.
 I do have to say 70mph is pretty darn fast, in fact it is the fastest ride inside Disney World.
My little one that really cannot understand why people would get on a ride or roller coaster to be scared LOVES this attraction.
It is not scary at all just pure thrill of speeding around the building, bumping over road tests and a hot and cold test, to test... well whatever they test with heat and cold, but it is a very cool experience.
And once again Disney spared no detail.

One of the reasons Disney is Disney is because of their detail. next time take a few extra minutes to walk through the que and enjoy the details you will not be disappointed!
Test Track here we come! see you in a few short weeks!


  1. Folowing from the hop. I can't wait to get there with my kids. You have me even more excited!


  2. I am in LOVE with Disney! My daughter is only 4 months old and we are already planning her first big trip (which is 3 years away haha!). Following from the blog hop.