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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is not just a theme park!

Some really cool things happen here!
I was blessed last week to spend a day at a "local theme park"
I was dreaming of  the MAGIC of Disney the whole time I was there.
Let me just tell you I cannot wait for my upcoming trip.
This IS Disney...
 Lights, Cameras, fireballs, and Action.
every single day they do this a few times.

 Fire circles, people "trapped", speed boats and "rescues"
The diference is in the details.
That car is MID AIR!
I have to say we had a HOT day at a theme park, I thought it might hold me at bay until our trip to Walt Disney World in just a few weeks... but it made me long for the details of Disney even more.
The day we were at this local theme park the shows that I really wanted to see were not playing at all that day. So basically you have to go on a super busy day, in the Heat to see the cool shows.
If you are considering a trip to Walt Disney World, or even Disneyland, I have to say there is NO comparison to the "local theme parks" they just don't hold up to the magic.

Disney IS Magical!
I can't wait to see Lights, Motors, Action now with Lightning McQueen, sorry all you Herbie fans, but there's a new Car in town.
I have to say I will miss the old bug, "Ocho" (Herbie goes Banana's was my personal favorite)
If you are thinking of planning a trip to experience Magic, please allow me to serve you.
I would love to be your specialty agent!
email me at cindy(dot)

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  1. Yes! It won't be long now until we are at Walt Disney World! I agree, Herbie will be missed, but Lightning McQueen is the new guy in town - can't wait to see him(and you too!)!