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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fill that piggy with pennies!

My people can spend Days in Epcot, I mean like 4 days just in the World Showcase!
We love to wander from country to country munching on treats from around the world, and watching shows and speaking with the cast members from the specific countries. It is so neat to slow down and take it all in.
This year we decided to spend a day in Epcot without going into the World Showcase. What did you do after Soarin' and and Test Track you ask? A new discovery for my family this year at Epcot.
we Discovered this!
You get a Piggy Bank, and you choose what you will save for.
There are many money savvy games you play to earn money along the journey. We were working to decorate our "new room"

The Piggies were empty when we got them, but as we played those money saving games our pigs magically filled with coins!
Shake it up and listen!

When we were done and our Piggies bellies were full we had to turn them in and we got a cool sticker to commemorate our adventure.
There was also a game you could have emailed to you so you could continue to play at home on your own computer!

The Boy and I made enough money to get the "new room" we were dreaming of!
(really I just dream his room could stay clean, and not be a wreck, but that might require a maid service, Teenagers... Gotta love 'em.)
Check it out next time you are at Epcot we loved it, FUN for ALL ages!

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