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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There is this thing called Disney Magic!

"She must've set it down somewhere around this time."
Then she was challenged to a duel a fight of epic proportions right here at Downtown Disney.

The two pirates fought until there was no fight left no more energy to swing the swords just one more time...
Ok until Dad got involved and it was getting a bit out of hand. Perhaps there is a reason they put this specific merchandise in the back of the store?
Brilliance, pure brilliance!
 After showing off her nifty new hook hand we placed all the toys back where they belonged and moved to the next shop, then to the next, then the next. It wasn't until after a meal and everyone was pooped that I asked, Hey "lil one, where is your vinylmation?" She said after a horrified gasp "I don't know."

 Oh dear, so we found out that it was somewhere around the time of the sword fight it must have hoppped out of her pocket and run for cover. we backtracked and looked for ourselves and the lil thing was nowhere to be found. We asked in this store and the cast member had Am describe her vinylmation to him and he even went to check in the back to see if someone had turned it in. no, nothing matching that discription...he suggested that we go to guest services and on the way there we stopped at Once Upon a Toy, which was one of many stops we made earlier. Again the cast member had Am describe the vinylmation to her and it just so happend to be right there on top of the trading box. Now I don't know how, but it was there. This little bit of magic sprinkled into our trip was amazing! loosing a toy can be a traumatizing thing for a young child, but finding that same toy with the help of amazing cast members can make a magical memory to last a lifetime!

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