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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Japan, a good place to spend some time

Oh Dear! I posted this and it was supposed to post on the 29th of Oct.
So sorry! Finding pearls again.. Favorite past time. :)

Once again you can tell where we spent a good deal of our time in Epcot, we seem to love the Japan Pavilion! Bet you had no clue hu? Well yes again my daughter was able to get a pearl.

 I also found a new kiosk in Downtown Disney that offers the pick a pearl experience. I did not get to watch anyone actually open a clam here, but I have to speak for the experience in the Japan Pavilion, and we obviously love it. (this is our 3rd time to do this) What do we love about it? We love the large variety of tanks from which we have to choose from.

We love the ladies that are behind the counter, they are all so sweet and very friendly. We love the crowds, yes, when you are the one that people are cheering for when you get a pearl, it makes it soo much cooler. We LOVE the show!

 We love that you count down to the opening of the shell, then the suspense when the pearl is found, and  then the sizing of the pearl as they measure it and it seems they always start a few sizes too small so that you are excited to see it be bigger than you expected.

Then they show it to everyone, look at her pearl they say. Then they beat the little drum and have a little ceremony celebrating your find. The celebration right before ours was celebrating a double pearl, we have also seen black pearls too. All in all it is another one of our favorite experiences, yes it costs around $15 but it is worth the excitement and fun that comes with the experience. Let me know what you though tof it if you have tried this or if you are looking forward to trying your hand at  pearl picking.

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