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Monday, November 1, 2010

Magical Memory Monday

OK I have to say I am sorry, because not long ago Michele posted about the love her son has for Minnie.
So this is yet another Minnie post.

 This was my daughters first trip to Disney World.
She had never seen anything like this in her short little life.
We were wondering what would happen when she saw the characters
would she be scared, would she cry?
would she run to them or from them.
a mother always wonders these things.
Yes we mothers "worry" about it all!
Well we got to the front of the line and...
She RAN as fast as her little legs would go.

It looks as if Minnie was almost a bit shocked at the quarter pint hurling herself at her.
but she is still smiling!


So she wouldn't step aside for her brother to take a picture,
so we snapped it with the two of them.
so now it was time to leave.
Ok with just a few pictures that I have chosen,
 you really cannot tell we were with Minnie for about 5-10 minutes.
This little girl Loves Minnie!
who is your favorite?

Today this little girl is quite a bit bigger, and has been able to visit Minnie a few times.
If you would like to visit Minnie, for the first time, or for the 50th time I would love to help you.
Click on my profile picture for your free quote today!
book your 2011 trip before December 20th and you may be eligible for FREE food.

Check back Wednesday for an idea of what to do with all those Disney trading pins once you arrive home!


  1. She's absolutely adorable! I love your pictures!

  2. I agree! That last photo is just precious! Minnie Mouse is at the top of my list too!