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Friday, October 22, 2010

Bangers and mash at home

It is Friday and time for my first "Pixie Portions" post!

You can get Disney style Bangers & Mash at Epcot's Rose and Crown Dining room in the world Showcase. Rose & Crown is a traditional English pub, as well as a table service restaurant.
This is what you will find on the lunch menu at the restaurant: Traditional English sausages with braised cabbage and bacon, served with mashed potatoes, and shallot gravy. $14.99 and dinner is priced at $15.99.

There is a traditional pub,outside the entrance to the table service restaurant also by the same name Rose and Crown, Here are a few highlights from the pub, I do not frequent pub's but I have to say you should stop in and see if the  "The Hat Lady" is performing as you pass by. I had the joy of seeing a portion of her show on my last trip to Epcot.
 Here is a picture of "the Hat Lady" who preforms daily at her piano. I must say she is quite entertaining! She encourages audience participation, so be ready to hop up and sing along while her fingers tickle those ivories.
While there you might want to see if Carl is there at the bar, I have heard the has wrestled alligators?
Well, there is no harm in asking right?
This is on my list of things to find out when I return.

If you do not frequent Epcot daily, you may not have the ability to dine at  Rose & Crown when you have the craving for Bangers & Mash. In fact I didn't even know such a thing existed!
But it does, and here is how I brought this home to my family, now it is actually a family favorite!

I did not use traditional English sausage,
I used brats for this and tried a few different kinds, You will have to find the kind that you like.
I was surprised to find out there are different seasonings in them, that change the flavors a bit.
So choose your favorite sausage and you may grill it, I choose to cook on the stove, as you can see they are quite steamy when cooked this way.
I sauteed onions (I know not shallots, maybe some day I will use shallots, for now, onions will have to do)
I mixed up some gravy using beef broth, and a bit of cornstarch. I did not add the cabbage as my family does not eat cabbage.

I lumped some homemade mash on the plate,
few "bangers" and covered in gravy and topped with onions.
Doesn't it look good?
I never even knew this meal existed!
Let me know what Disney recipes you think would be fun for me to try.
Or if you have tried "bangers & Mash" let me know what you thought of it!


  1. My mouth is watering!!! I loved my dinner at the Rose & Crown. Thanks for writing a great article. :)

  2. Bangers & Mash....looking good! How about coming up with a way to make one of my favorite things in the Magic Kingdom - Dole Whip! Please?