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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tiiiiime is on my side!

Ok so time is NEVER on my side, is it ever on yours?
Yes, I am singing the song.
It keeps moving even when I don't move. I had a grand plan that when my blog began I would be ready with organized back up, ready with a pretty blog header and fabulous blog design. then there was a road block, and a speed bump, and then a house to clean and guests coming to visit so I what I mean is a house to CLEAN (you know what I mean, "presentable"),
 And now guests are gone there are still towels to wash! lots of towels!
(living near the beach brings a whole new level of cleaning which includes towels to wash)  
And my little Pixie Trail is still here.
 I have a list about a mile long of blog topics, projects,
and crafts intended to take you down "The Pixie Trail" with me I am so excited.
When my said friends arrived in my semi-clean house

 (reminds me of Sandra Lee and semi-homemade I laugh at myself often, maybe i need to write a book on how to semi-clean, and stash for the arrival of guests. Ha!)
So here is a picture that was taken amidst my own chaos of the weekend which provided a weekend long confrence at my church, and friends in town who I dearly loved and wanted to spend as much time with them as possible,as we do not get to see them much. 

   So here it is, it was taken on her phone, and not the best quality,
but made me realize what I have.
 looks like a quirky, serene place to relax in the calmness of daily life right?
This is my living room! I never saw it this way before!
This couch is the catch all for stuff! Ya know my friend even SAT on it!
I had never even thought of that before, no I am not joking.
So I now know what my little house holds when I see this picture it reminds me what is hidden here, even in the chaos of daily life.
I think this is where I will come a few times a week to to blog my way down "The Pixie Trail" I am so excited!
Time is not on my side, My blog banner isn't done yet, I am not fully prepared for the next 2 months of blogs,my living room is somewhat clean, but ya know what? 
There is a peace in this picture, it is ok and I am ready to bring you along on my fabulous journey down
 "The Pixie Trail" So grab a cup of coffee, and sit with me on my "ugly green couch" lets take the journey together! Lets bring a little pixie dust to daily life!
and no you dont have to dust pixie dust, becuse it is magical,
and I have never been into dusting anyways!

(now we will have Grilled cheese for dinner, since I spent my day on one post)

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  1. As soon as I saw that picture of you on FB yesterday I thought of Sandra Lee too!!

    BTW...I'm just beginning my blog journey too so I feel your pain, frustration, time constraints, spending more time on one post than on dinner...ya I got ya.

    Good luck and I'll be following your pixie trail!

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