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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Magical Memory Monday Oct.25,2010

Ok, so this is my first M.M.M. post, so I decided to dig into the archives and bring you a little comic relief.
 (and with Halloween this Sunday, it seems a little more appropriate)
Note: a LITTLE more appropriate.
I do have to say the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.
Disney can transform ANYONE into their favorite princess, with a wig and a little pixie dust!
From young....
To old!
 I would love to hear what princess you would like to be transformed into!
Post in my comments what you think of the red headed beauty !
Be sure to Follow the pixie trail for a very themed
 Halloween Dinner with Dr. & Mrs Evil starting tomorrow!

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  1. Oh My!! I SSSOOOOOO needed to see that crazy picture today! Great post!