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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Disney Service Is so Yummy

My 2010 trip to Walt Disney World to attend the Ultimate Field Trip started with a full day at Downtown Disney. While in Downtown Disney we needed to eat lunch, we had dinner reservations at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at 8pm, and we had just gotten off of a plane and we were "ready to Disney".
 Food was the first bullet on our list! We visited the Create your own Tee shop, and hurried along to find food. I have heard for years that Wolfgang Puck is THE place to eat. But I do have to say that we have always gone to the Rainforest Cafe in the past and now that we had the free dining plan we were going to get a "counter service" meal for lunch, and Rainforest cafe isn't on the dining plan and we decided to do something different this time, even though the kids begged.

Along we walked and came to this said Wolfgang Puck dining establishment.  (Downtown Disney Marketplace) I have always walked past in the past, not a big fancy entrance, but we needed to eat, right then before we had a melt down. We headed into Wolfgang puck, and were looking at the menu as my daughter asked for a chocolate milk, the cashier handed it to here and said here sweetie, this is for you. We continued to order, and she recommended many different things, I am the person who takes the longest to order, and the longest to eat, so I quickly ordered one of the recommendations she gave me for a hearty meal. I tried the meatloaf with mashed potato and onion strips atop.

Now tell me is this what you think of when you hear "counter service"?
The portion was huge and would fill even the hungriest of hungry men.
we also tried the chicken strip meal.
ant the family pirate was super happy with the pizza.
Now this is not the average "theme park"  "counter service" !
well no, because this is DISNEY!
So if and when Disney offers free food, this is what I am talking about!

 when we were ready to pay we noticed that there was no chocolate milk on the bill, and told the cast member that she forgot to add it, we insisted that we pay for it. The cast member told us no I gave that to her, it is just a little something that I can do for since she asked for it is just a dollar and it is ok.

Magic I tell you! it is so much the little things and the service that Disney provides that is over and above the "normal" business. Guests are what Disney is about, as when many businesses are about moving customers quickly to get the paycheck they bring. I so cant wait to tell you more! soon! stay tuned!


  1. We have never eaten here! But now, after your pictures, it is going on the list for next year. I can't wait! I am hungry NOW! How about we just hop on a plane... Do you think anyone would notice?

  2. Spicy Chicken Pizza is one of the two meals I must have when going to Walt Disney World each year. It's on the West Side only, so I was forced (ha!) to eat at Wolfgang Puck twice. It is most definitely some good eating!