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Friday, November 19, 2010

Girls spa night with Mickey.

So it was just the girls at the house this evening,
we thought why not take advantage of this.
Spa night with Mickey.

 We decided to watch this.
(After we took the cucumbers off our eyes)
Behind the scenes video.
Lots of trivia!
Tower of Terror falls at 1900ft per minute.
And the computer system ensures that the fall is unpredictable and different every time.

While we were watching we were foot bathing,
and learning more trivia
like WDW employs around 59000 cast members.

Yes, Agent P. actually lives up there

 All of the anamatronics, and attractions in Magic Kingdomm are run from one central computer system!
And then we had a little Mickey inspired PB&J sprinkled with some magic sprinkles!

And the night ended with a few episodes of
Rory & Loreli Gillmore from season 7!
It was a great Girls night,
why don't you slow down and spend a little time with your little people with a special night.

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