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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time to Take the Plunge!

Today I am remembering the peaceful magic that Castaway Cay brings
This was the view from where we sat and ate breakfast as we docked.
Yes that is the real Flying Dutchman! And Yes I did see the real Jack Sparow!
After a picture with Jack, my first stop was the Pelican Plunge.
 Remember this was all for the sake of training.
I wanted to be able to tell you my thoughts on this attraction ~smiles
This slide had just been opened, to think I was one of the first to enjoy this new slide.
And there will be many more of my clients on this slide too.
You must actually swim out the the platform. There are life jackets available for those who need them.
Be forewarned the water is DEEP you will not be able to touch the bottom.
As we swim out I took this picture.
Almost there, I cannot touch the bottom.
Not too shabby of a picture and I kept my head above the water too!
The view alone from the top platform is beautiful. looking back on one of the family beaches.
Here you have it.
This was actually taken from a video.
Apparently the video did not want to upload. But CLOSE YOUR EYES, or you will see this, and it isn't this pretty when the salt water, and makeup sunscreen mixture get in your eyes.
Well maybe it is this pretty, but I did not get to enjoy it until
I saw the picture because my little eyes were burning.
 We took a ride to the Adult Quiet beach and look what we found.
 Clear water and peacefulness.
This is how I could spend every day!
Ahh...the Magic of Castaway Cay.
I think I hear it calling my name... Do you hear it calling yours?
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Written by Cindy Fragozo, Your Travel Specialist at 3D TravelCompany.


  1. Yes...I hear Castaway Cay calling my name! Let's go!

  2. I certainly hear my name........