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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A touch of fall fun sprinkled in!

Happy Fall Yall!
Since we could not be here...

 And take family fall pictures here...

We went here

We got so lost in the corn maze.
Our leader was quite fearless,
and led us down a few, shall I say wrong truns.

We really enjoyed the kiddie maze,
there was a color of paint to put on your finger at each stop and when you were done,
you check the chart for yout number.

I was #29 I had to Yodel, and others had to quack like a duck and teh Hokie Pokey.
We had a lot of fun! 

This is the "Pillow jump" I have Never seen one of these!
It comes out of the ground! It  is pretty cool!

And even little people could ride these tough bikes!

Look who we found hangin out here at teh paint a punkin patch!

So No It is not Disney World,
but we vowed to have a great family day. And we did just that!
(all the way down to the goofy picture, that wasnt supposed to be goofy.)
I love fall weather, and the smells of fall!
Dont you?

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  1. The family picture at the end of the blog made me laugh out loud!!! I love it. :)