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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cirque Suprise!

When we went to The Ultimate Field Trip in September 2010, we had a suprise planned.
Ok I had a suprise for my husband, who was a Theatre Major in College.
He has been begging me since Cirque came to Downtown Disney, every single time we went to go see the show.
I was able to purchase these tickets before our trip.
I snuck away while the kids were at D Street. (The Vinylmation store) where they have a table to
 "color your own vinylmation pattern"  The kids were occupied, and the Hubby was relaxing in the AC in a big comfy chair.
So I excused myself, slipped away and hauled my hinie here to pick up our tickets!
Thank goodness my hubby was so comfy in the AC and the chair
 he did not realise I took a terribly long time. ~Smiles
I did not realizee how far it was to speed walk (I don't run) there and back, then pretend I wasn't out of breath when I returned!

So we left D. Street and strolled towards the "big tent"
we went in the gift shop and I guess He was not even going to ask if we could go to the show because he figured I would say no.
I handed him Perry who was holding the tickets, and he just put them in his pocket!
He didn't even look to see what Perry had in his hands!
I had to question him about what Perry was holding,
 and then was when he discovered his DREAM had come true!
We were there just in time to walk up the stairs and watch the show!

It was fabulous!
I have to say there is no bad seat in the house!
all of the seats are amazing!
And there is a story line, I had no idea.
Definitely should NOT have waited!
I cannot wait to see it again!
Would You like to see Cirque Du Sole while in Downtown Disney?
I would love to help you purchase your tickets!
So you too might be able to suprise that special someone!

Written by Cindy Fragozo, Your Travel Specialist at 3D TravelCompany.


  1. Sounds like the perfect surprise!Kudos to you for pulling it off. I stink at keeping surprises!

  2. I took my hubby - the theatre minor - and we both love, love, loved it!!