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Friday, December 10, 2010

Your own personal Perry!

Yes, I am singing "My own Personal Perry" to the tune of  My Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode.

Ok so who is a fan of "Agent P"?
My family definitely is!
Obviously so is Mickey!
I am so excited to share this project with you!
The birth of our very own "Agent P"
 It would be a fabulous home/ hand made gift that almost anyone would love!
(Yes I know more than a hand full of adults that would LOVE to receive this as a gift)
So maybe I do hang with an odd crowd.
~Smiles but I love them all!
I found this pattern here.
This is the page with the official directions.
All that is needed is a copier to enlarge the pattern.
Felt *Perry color (2 sheets)
*Orange. I used stiff felt for this (feet, mouth, and tail 2 sheets to be safe)
*Brown for his hat (half a sheet)
*small black ribbon to wrap around his hat.
*stuffing (he needs guts, I used cotton balls)
*pipe cleaner to make him bendable
*2 eyes so he can see (mine are 1 inch googly eyes)
*I used a sewing machine for a long lasting friend (you could use fabric glue)
So I enlarged the pattern to a legal sheet size, so the body fit onto the paper.  I wanted to make "Agent P." as big as I could with little difficulty. then I knew how much to enlarge the hat, mouth, feet and tail pattern on another sheet.
 I stapled the felt to the pattern in a few places then got to cutting out my pieces.
Now the website tells you to glue him together...

I wanted something that would last longer than glue would hold. So I took the extra time to sew him all up.
This was a really neat family project, and we all enjoyed taking Perry around Disney World and about every 5 minutes someone would notice Mom or Dad wasn't carrying Perry and we heard "Where's Perry?!" It was so much fun.
We were stopped so many times by children and adults alike asking where we got him.
even the "green army man" tried to march off with him!
(do you see him? he did drills with them, and even talked back to the "sarge"
who acted as the evil Dr. Dufenshmirtz in disguise! It was Too much fun!)

so now you know where you can go to get your very own Perry!
Happy crafting!!

Written by Cindy Fragozo, Your Travel Specialist at 3D TravelCompany.

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