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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FREE Printables are awesome!

Ok so I am supposed to be getting all prettied up for our family photo shoot,
(so my family can be immortalized in the church directory. I think goofy faces would be too fun... what do you think?) and be packin' up for my training trip to Disney World next week! (while you are reading this I will be trotting from resort to resort learning, and experiencing what I sell, so that I can help guide you as you make choices of where to stay and what to do while you are there.)
but I found this awesome website that offers a few free printables.
 (and I am sooo ADD it is not funny! ask my husband ~Smiles)
 So I am photo shopping some words to personalize them for a few treats to give to my fellow trainees that work for 3D Travel Company. I posted the picture above. I wrapped the image around snack size candy bars and they are CUTE! I also plan to punch a small hole in the sealed end and tie a thin ribbon to them and hang them as ornaments! How fun!
Here is another small project I am making.
I stamped initials of my coworkers on the notepads from Dollar tree to personalize them.
Then I added single serving Hot Chocolate, Christmas tea, Hawaiian punch, Starbucks VIA, and a pack of gum. Just a little something to get them through the week. and then I Disney-ified it! I added Mickey and a bow! I will be adding a personal message in the red squares on the front.
Who says that anyone is "too old" for treats at Disney?!

 click here to go to the blog with these printables!
Of course I am writing this before I leave, and showing you what i make, but I cannot post it until they actually get these little treats.
What a great idea this would be to personalize a teacher gift?
There is a Santa letter too, I will be giving to the kids to fill out and mount on scrapbook paper and maybe frame and hang up.
And there is also a matching Christmas list that I plan to fill out and hang up.
My list...
No fighting children
laughter abounding from my home
fun family moments
Love and admiration
generosity to others

Enjoy! and hope I sparked a few ideas for you to run wild with your creativity!
Get creative and go create!
I would Love to see what you create with these printables or these ideas!

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