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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Good Son vs. the Ultimate Evil

Today we are hearing from my son about his Jedi experience.
 It started one day at Disney World about 3 years ago.  Me and my family went to Disney Hollywood Studios.  We saw all kinds of different and unique attractions; for example: Fantasmic, The Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror, and the Star Tours.  When we stopped at Star Tours, the crew for Stars Tours began to teach a few kids how to be a Jedi Knight!  The first day I wasn’t chosen, but the next day I was chosen!   Then we put on our Padawan robes and they taught me the average exercises for battling an enemy.  

So I got my light saber and repeated what my Master taught me.  I was very nervous.  Just after, Darth Vader and his two clones came, and he challenged each and every Padawan to a duel. 

 When it was my turn, I did the fighting patterns my Master taught me:  hit the right shoulder, then the left, the right thigh, duck, hit the right thigh again, the left thigh, and hit the stomach.   But instead of hitting Vader’s stomach, I lunged at his neck.  Then Vader yelled out, “Aaargh!”  Then he left us because he thought we were too powerful. 
 In the end, I got a certificate stating that I have proven that I was worthy of being trained to be a Jedi Knight.  My mom and dad were proud.

Written by Cindy Fragozo, Your Travel Specialist at 3D TravelCompany.

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